Erotic Herbs is a South African company that only sells products that passed the safety criteria as required by the Department of Health, and the focus group tests to confirm effectiveness.

In a market segment flooded with useless and often dangerous products, we strive to supply our customers with a herbal alternative that we are not afraid  to use ourselves.

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Thank you to Erotic Herbs I can have sex like I did 15 years ago. The erection was firm and felt pretty natural. This has restored my confidence and has given my usually low libido a psychological boost.


Since using your Erotix Volt pills my sex life has really taken off. Before my girlfriend and I would have sex once or twice a week and now it is nearly every night! I can last for over an hour and give my girlfriend multiple orgasms. Just to say thanks to you guys for a fantastic product!


I suffered badly from erectile dysfunction and I tried all kinds of pills like these ONES FROM CHINA. They DID NOT help so I went to see a doctor who referred me to a urologist and he did numerous blood tests. He told me that my testosterone was very low and he said I would need to get some testosterone Boosters.  I found Erotic Herbs on the Internet contacted them and placed my order of TestoBoost. My Testosterone level was back to normal and so was my sex life. I still take them on a daily basis. I lead a very active sex life thanks to Erotic Herbs - TestoBoost. Thank you Erotic Herbs for your wonderful product which has changed my Life!!


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