Decadent Deserts
The Desert  Menu..
" Chocolate packs an aphrodisiac punch that causes one to feel a higher level of desire,
arousal and sexual satisfaction."

Instead of preparing an elaborate dessert, just pick up some of His & Her's favorite chocolate.
For a perfect romance in bedroom, set the scene with right music and dimmer light.
Recommended massage oils are sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil. For a pampering massage,
move your hands with the rhythm of music.
Give the room a warm and intimate touch by spreading the rose petals on bed and near the candles.
This would provide an unwinding feel to your romantic bedroom, add some chocolate for that final  intimate touch.

We can create a box for any accation.
We build the box according to your budget.
You can build your own box with the items you know he or she love.

Amarula Cream
Lindt Chocolate
Handmade Chocolate
Red Wine
White Wine
Strawberry Kisses
Chocolate Bodypaint
Assorted Chocolates

If the desired item is not on our list we will find it for you.

Have Some Fun With Chocolate Body Paint
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