Libido Boosters

Sexual desire requires two to tango. Both partners need to feel connected and women especially need the feeling of being close. Poor communications, a sense of betrayal, lack of trust, and repeated fighting and criticism may create a relationship that lacks closeness and intimacy. Counseling may be the answer if couples find that the issues are too tough to resolve on their own.

R 350.00
Nympho Max

Everybody wants a rewarding sex life. With Nympho Max Libido Boosters you can ensure that you are filled with passion and free to enjoy intense sexual experiences

R 475.00
Erotix Maca

Prolonged estrogen in the body. Treatment for women suffering from menopause and PMS. Maca contains no estrogen, phytoestrogen or hormones

R 350.00

Vita Rex Fem - Libido Enhancer is a natural, effective and safe way to ensure that every intimate encounter you have is an explosive one
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Manufactured by one of the largest capacity pharmaceutical manufacturers on the African continent.
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